ShieldUp, powered by Havoc Shield's all-in-one cybersecurity program, is a cybersecurity insurance portal designed to assess your cybersecurity program, identify gaps and allow you to eliminate co-insurance costs. You'll have the opportunity to enroll in Havoc Shield's cyber program to further mitigate your cybersecurity risks with best in class security tools.

Have gaps in your Cybersecurity Program? ShieldUp can help by providing a remediation plan to highlight gaps in your security program, and directing you to enroll in Havoc Shield's all-in-one cybersecurity program  to close gaps and bolster your protection.


Get Started with ShieldUp

How does ShieldUp work?

Within the ShieldUp portal, you’ll answer a few questions and then submit evidence of your existing cybersecurity program. From there, if any gaps are identified in your cybersecurity program or if you’re just needing a more comprehensive program, we’ll direct you to enroll in Havoc Shield’s cybersecurity program designed to protect businesses like yours. 

Need help meeting cybersecurity  requirements?  We've got you covered! 

If you're not able to meet or evidence cybersecurity insurance requirements within the ShieldUp portal, we'll direct you to enroll in Havoc Shield's Cybersecurity Program to gain access to the full suite of protective tools that can be easily implemented across your fleet.

Need an Attestation Letter to demonstrate third party confirmation of your Cybersecurity Program?

ShieldUp will help that also! You’ll either submit evidence of your current cyber program through ShieldUp for Underwriter review, or you’ll have the chance to enroll in Havoc Shield’s Cyber Program if you’re needing support in meeting requirements and enhancing your current security controls. Either way, you’ll then have an Attestation Letter to share with regulators or your customers to evidence that you have a Security Program in place.


Why Cybersecurity matters: 

- The average cost of a ransomware attack is $847,000

-Hackers don't care what size your company is, and it's a matter is WHEN not IF you'll be the target of a malicious actor. 

-65% of hacked companies NEVER recover, and most others are out of business within 6 months of an attack.


Book a Meeting with the ShieldUp Team 

Have additional questions about the ShieldUp program, need general support within the portal, or having trouble submitting evidence? Let us help! Book time on the calendar below with our team. 

More about Havoc Shield 

11 Tools. 1 Dashboard. 0 Worries.

While we cannot stop every cybersecurity or ransomware attack, Havoc Shield's cybersecurity program delivers peace of mind with a dozen security tools under one roof for an affordable cost.

Like TurboTax helps simplify tax prep, we help walk you through setting up tools to monitor and identify cybersecurity threats in email, endpoints and more.

No technical jargon, no third-party resources to check in on. A full security program all in one place to let you focus on what you're good at and lets us handle the rest.   

Cybersecurity Tools Included

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vendor Risk Register
  • Universal Password Manager
  • Asset Inventory
  • Policy Manager
  • Endpoint Threat Protection
  • Cyber Awareness Training
  • OS and Software Patching
  • Company Policy Manager
  • Mail Armor Email Security
  • Vulnerability Management